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Hi! My name is Bernadette Mary Talese,

Music has always been a very important part of my life. Throughout my own primary and high school days I pursued my interests in piano, singing and musicianship with great enthusiasm, continuing on into tertiary education at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney) where I studied the Associate Diploma in Music Teaching, a specialised course for studio and peripatetic music teachers. In this course we refined our skills in our instrumental (piano) and musicianship studies, ensemble (choir), harmony and composition, aural (solfege), music history and analysis (musicology), teaching techniques and repertoire. We also studied psychology of teaching and child development as well as a full range of teaching approaches which included Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Orff Schulwerk, and Kodály methodology. It was during this time that my interest in developmental music teaching emerged. After I graduated, I returned later to study short courses in Teaching for Musical Development.

When the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia introduced teacher training courses in NSW I eagerly commenced the courses and subsequently became a Do-Re-Mi Music for Children teacher. I completed the Australian Kodály Certificates in both Early Childhood and Primary Music Education. Along the way I became a mother of four children and enthusiastically guided them through early childhood developmental music classes, then choir, dancing and ultimately instrumental studies. These musical pursuits were always joyful and have definitely had a positive influence on their learning and growth into the wonderful people that they have become.

As a music teacher, I have over thirty years of experience in a variety of situations which include schools, pre-schools, community halls as well as my own studio where I am currently teaching. Through my business, Allegro Childrens Music, and my affiliation with KMEIA as a nationally accredited Do-Re-Mi Music for Children teacher I am striving to provide a program of musical education which can take people through all levels of development from babies to adults in a systematic, well sequenced, cumulative and continuous learning structure. This model of teaching also allows for great flexibility so that people can join in and derive all the benefits of music education at any age or stage of learning. I bring my expertise in teaching and abilities in piano, singing and overall musicianship to my business. I enjoy interacting with people of all ages and helping them to experience the joy of music at all levels, both educationally and spiritually.

I continue to pursue my own musical interests and develop myself further, both musically and professionally, through ongoing development with the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia and the Music Teachers Association of NSW. 

From 2013 to 2022 I have been a very enthusiastic member of Aurora Australis (Women’s Harmony Chorus) which is part of Sweet Adelines International. I have been a section leader in this chorus from 2017 to 2020.

I bring my love of music, teaching and learning to my business with the hope of enriching the lives of as many people as possible with the rewards of a good music education; the satisfaction that comes from a sense of accomplishment, and the fulfillment of personal growth which provides enormous benefits in terms of confidence and self-esteem, as well as inner peace and tranquility.

“Music is a gift which everyone can share and enjoy!” Bernadette.




Music Teachers Association of NSW

Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA)

Do-Re-Mi Music for Children (KMEIA)

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