*No food or drink is allowed in the Studio, except for a well-sealed water bottle. Water bottles must be kept away from studio equipment, particularly the piano and electrical equipment.

*A parent or caregiver is required to attend all Early Childhood classes to support the student’s learning.

*Parents/Caregivers of school age children are welcome to sit in on lessons, but give their child plenty of room to learn freely.

*If parents/siblings remain during the lesson, consideration must be given to noises/distraction for the child/children learning.

*All mobile phones should be switched to ‘silent’ or off during lessons to avoid distraction. This is important in both group and private classes. Even if parents are walking in and out of the studio to answer calls it is extremely distracting for the students and disruptive for a class. (If calls are important people will leave a message.)

*Parking is not allowed on the Studio premises. On street council parking is available next to the Studio.


Fees will be charged by the school term, rather than by the lesson. Fees for Private lessons and Do-Re-Mi classes are based approximately on the NSW government school term, usually ten weeks per term.


The term fee is due to be paid in advance at the beginning of each school term. Payment may be made by BANK TRANSFER (preferred method). Bank details will be provided via email.  

Sibling discounts are available for Do-Re-Mi classes only and do not apply to Private lessons.

EXAM FEES (Private Lessons Only)

Students who wish to enroll in AMEB exams will be required to pay an additional fee for exam entry, as required by the exam board. Exam fees are not included in the term tuition fees. Exam entry fees vary depending on the instrument and grade. A separate account for the exam fee may be given, or the fee may be added to the term fee account. Students will not be entered for any exam unless the required entry fee has been paid.


It is the responsibility of the parent/student to purchase any equipment or books which are required by the student for their music studies.


Lessons missed due to student absence will not be credited, refunded or made up at another time. In certain circumstances alternative lesson times may be arranged (for Private lessons) at the teacher’s discretion, and when appropriate notice of absence has been provided by the student/parent. Group lessons cannot be rescheduled.


If a student misses a Private lesson due to illness, the teacher should be notified as early as possible before the lesson, and a doctor’s certificate should be provided at the lesson in the following week. Private lessons missed due to student illness will be made up at the teacher’s discretion. If no time is available during the school term, a lesson may be organised for a school holiday period. If the student is unable to attend the set make-up lesson, they will forfeit the lesson. No credits or refunds will be provided. It is not possible to organise make-up lessons for group classes.


If the teacher is unable to teach due to illness, families will be notified as early as possible. (It is important to make sure that your student contact information is kept up to date. Please notify the teacher of any changes.) If the teacher is ill, either a make-up lesson will be organised, or a credit will be given on the following term’s fees. Adjustments to term fees may only be made by the teacher.


If there is a personal or professional circumstance which prevents the teacher from conducting lessons, families will be notified of lesson cancellation with as much notice as possible. The cancelled lesson will either be made up, or a credit will be given on the following term’s fees. Adjustments to term fees may only be made by the teacher.


Lessons are not usually conducted on public holidays and long weekends unless an arrangement has been made with the teacher.


Staff Development days in schools do not affect the activities of this music Studio. All lessons will proceed as normal on these days. Even though students may not have needed to attend school on such a day, they will be expected to attend their music lesson as normal. Student absence on a School Staff Development day will result in the student having to forfeit the lesson. The lesson will not be made-up, credited or refunded.


Private Piano students are required to practise their instrument at home on a regular basis. In the beginning stages a full length touch responsive electric keyboard will be adequate, although not ideal. You can get a plug-in damper pedal for the better quality keyboards when it is required. A better option, however, is a digital piano. These are nearer in tone and touch to an acoustic piano, but much cheaper. They also have the advantage that they don’t require tuning. Digital pianos are suitable at least up to the end of AMEB Grade Four. For the higher levels an acoustic instrument would be required, particularly if students are preparing for exams.


Students are expected to behave appropriately during lessons.


Students and parents are expected to arrive at the correct scheduled time. If for some reason they arrive early, it is expected that the student and parent will wait quietly outside the Studio in consideration of others. If a student is going to arrive late for a Private lesson, the teacher should be notified if possible. Unfortunately, lost lesson time due to student lateness cannot usually be made up. Occasionally lessons may be running overtime at the Studio due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, all lessons will run slightly overtime on that day so that all students receive their full lesson.


If a student will not be continuing lessons the following term, the teacher should be notified in writing by no later than the end of the current term. This is particularly important for private lessons, but also for class groups as maximum enrolment numbers apply to classes. All lesson fees are strictly non-refundable and will not be otherwise credited under any circumstances.


The teacher is responsible for the student during the scheduled lesson time only. The teacher does not take responsibility for children outside of this time. Parents are expected to transport their child to the Studio at the scheduled lesson time and collect their child at the conclusion of the lesson. Parents/Caregivers of Early Childhood Do-Re-Mi students are expected to attend the class with their child and participate in the activities with them. All possible care will be taken by the teacher during the lesson however the well-being of the student is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/caregiver.

These policies and terms of enrolment are necessary to ensure consideration and fairness for all of those concerned.


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