BABIES, TINY TOTS and TODDLERS - (Under 3 Years):


* Neuromuscular and cognitive child development;

* Multi-sensory musical experience;

* Family orientated and joyful learning...

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Class duration: 30 to 40 minutes 

Maximum enrolled students per class: 6 to 8 

Parents and carers participate in these classes with the children as their learning partners. The children learn by listening, observing and interacting through rhymes, tickles, finger plays, tapping, clapping, rocking, knee bounces and songs. Classes include activities for movement, listening and developmentally appropriate use of percussion instruments. These activities develop an awareness of the beat which is fundamental to all musical learning and experience. Finger plays inspire the child’s imagination through actions and dramatisation. Rhymes include patterns, sequence and counting. Many songs and games involve anticipation, accent and dramatisation, for example, “Peek-a-Boo” songs. Simple songs with limited range are included to help develop in-tune singing. Quiet listening activities using music such as lullabies help to develop concentration and aural awareness. Musical games develop memory and aural discrimination as well as cooperation. Movement activities help to develop balance and coordination. Through songs, rhymes and movement activities the children learn about the comparatives of soft/quiet and loud (volume), slow and fast (tempo), as well as high and low (pitch).

Babies experience the music through hearing and feeling their parents movements as well as interacting with them. They are learning through the different senses of sight, touch and hearing, and all the while they are growing and developing the neural pathways in their brain; building the foundations for future learning.

Younger children often spend a lot of time looking and listening, gradually participating more as they develop. Tiny Tots and Toddlers become increasingly independent, participating whenever they feel confident. Children may participate more on some days than others, and many will continue to be more or less active during classes, however all children will learn and thrive in their own way in this supportive and nurturing environment. Brightly coloured resources such as puppets, balls, scarves and books provide visual stimulus to support aural and kinaesthetic learning experiences. The classes are a lot of fun for everyone and provide children with joyful musical learning experiences which can lay the foundations for all future learning.


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