SCHOOL AGE LEVELS 3 and 4 – KINDER to YEAR 2 – (5 to 8 Years)


* Cumulative, well structured and flexible learning;

* Satisfaction, self esteem and a sense of accomplishment;

* Vibrant and social music learning experience...

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Class duration: 50 to 60 minutes

Maximum enrolled students per class: 10 to 12

Children in these classes participate independently, however parents and carers are welcome to quietly observe at any time. The children continue to learn through musical games and movement activities which support coordination and encourage creativity. Singing, dancing and percussion activities are further developed, with the addition of glockenspiel and xylophone activities in Level 3. The school age children have folders in which they accumulate worksheets throughout the year. The worksheets reinforce the musical concepts which the children are learning in class. They also develop the beginnings of sight singing and playing and later, melodic and rhythmic dictation.

In Level 4 the children develop their music skills further in solfege and rhythm writing, moving towards staff notation. More complicated activities and games help to prepare the children for future instrument playing. The children take part in simple introductory activities involving the piano/keyboard and drums in addition to the glockenspiel and xylophone. They also learn to play some of their simple known songs on the recorder. In addition to this the children are starting to compose, notate and perform their own little compositions on these instruments. The children develop their creativity and part-playing skills in Level 4 as they continue to flourish on their exciting musical journey.


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