Personal Information

At Allegro Childrens Music your privacy is always respected and your personal information will remain confidential. Your personal information is only collected directly from you when you supply it either by telephone, email or on an enrolment form. Your personal information is not collected if you simply browse this website.


Your personal information is only used for the purposes for which you provide it; that is to answer your enquiries and provide you with further information about music classes, as well as the administration of enrolment applications and records solely for Allegro Childrens Music. Allegro Childrens Music does not have a mailing list and will not collect your information for such purpose without your consent.

Allegro Childrens Music will protect your personal information and will not pass it on to any third party unless one of the following applies:

*You have consented and/or;

*You have requested that your or your child’s personal information be communicated to an examination authority such as the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) for the purpose of entering for a public examination;

*You’d expect me to or I have told you I will;

*It is required or authorised by law;

*It will prevent or lesson a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health.


You may access your personal information from my records or you can ask me to correct/update personal information I hold about you.


Your personal information is stored securely whether in an electronic or physical form. Information may be kept for a number of years however any personal information that is no longer needed is destroyed.


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