PRE-SCHOOL LEVELS 1 and 2 - (3 to 5 Years):


* Encouraging independent learning and developing competency;

* Learn musical concepts through games and fun;

* Confidence through skill development with dynamic learning activities...

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Class duration: 45 minutes

Maximum enrolled students per class: 8 to 10

During the pre-school years children still benefit from interacting with a caring adult during their music classes. Parents and carers provide a good learning support by helping to model appropriate responses with enthusiastic involvement in activities, although many children are quite independent and this will increase as they approach school age.


The children sing responses and parts of songs individually in the context of games, and a wide variety of songs are learnt for various specific purposes, but particularly to develop pitch accuracy and in-tune singing. Musical games and activities are used to develop understanding of beat and rhythm, aural skills, memory and concentration, as well as preparation for future reading of music and instrumental study. The children develop coordination through movement and dance as well as learning about simple musical structure. The skills which are developed through singing and movement are transferred to percussion instruments, and eventually simple activities which lead to part-singing and part-playing are also introduced.

The children are continuously using all of their senses to nurture and develop their innate musical abilities, and simultaneously support other development and learning. Children also learn to listen, take turns and cooperate with others.

 As they are approaching school age the children will be extended through more challenging repertoire and learning activities which incorporate improvisation, memory and 'inner hearing', as well as simple part-playing using beat and rhythm patterns, and opportunities for solo singing and playing.  Simple tuned percussion instruments such as individual chime bars are introduced for pitch discrimination and listening as well as enhancing the beat of a song. This is also good preparation for playing tuned percussion instruments in the school age program. Activities such as stepping on beat icons while a song is being sung lead to following a beat icon on a page as preparation for musical literacy in the school age levels.


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