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The Kodály concept of teaching music has been steadily gaining popularity in Australia over the past forty years. It is an approach which can be adapted for the musical training of all age groups. The Kodály concept is based on the teachings of Zoltan Kodály, a prominent Hungarian composer, educator, ethnomusicologist, linguist, author and philosopher.

Kodály believed that music should be developed from the earliest stages through singing, as the voice is our primary instrument. It enables people to learn music as they learn language, through listening and sharing, creating bonds between children, parents, teachers and society at large. Kodály believed that children should learn to read music before venturing into the realm of formal instrumental studies. Song and dance based on traditional folk music, as well as the creative use of high quality art music are features of this approach.

Through listening, singing, musical games, movement and dance, as well as developmentally appropriate use of percussion instruments, students are engaged in all kinds of musical learning activities. These activities incorporate aural, visual and kinaesthetic learning experiences, beginning with concrete teaching strategies using colourful resources, and eventually moving on to more abstract learning and the development of advanced musical perception.  

Through Kodály music education students can develop vocal confidence, internalised music skills, a high standard of music literacy, refined aural skills and an appreciation for fine music.

Kodály music education is a structured and sequential approach based on an understanding of musical development, but with the flexibility to adapt to individual needs.

Kodály believed that a music education is the right of every child and that musical training contributes to the development of the whole person. Kodály also believed that the skill of the teacher was extremely important and also that only the highest quality music and materials should be used for listening and instruction.

Kodály’s passion for excellence in music education is shared by many. At Allegro Childrens Music these ideals are upheld in order to maintain quality music education and build solid foundations for future learning.


“It is a long accepted truth that singing provides the best start to music education; even the most talented artist can never overcome the disadvantages of an education without singing.” Zoltan Kodály.


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